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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
grammatical pattern:
verb + that
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: grasps, grasping, grasped
definition 1: to take hold of with or as with a hand.
She grasped the rope and pulled herself up.
clutch, grip
similar words:
catch, clasp, grab, nab, snatch, take
definition 2: to keep a secure hold on.
The child grasped his mother's hand more tightly.
clasp, clutch, grip
let go
similar words:
clench, hold
definition 3: to take hold of mentally; understand fully or deeply.
The detective immediately grasped the importance of this new evidence.Dazed, she could not grasp his meaning.He could not grasp that his wife actually wanted to divorce him.[verb + that ]
apprehend, catch, comprehend, follow, get, perceive, seize, understand
similar words:
compass, fathom, savvy, see
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to try to seize or secure (often followed by "at").
The little boy grasped at his brother's sleeve.They grasped at the opportunity to start their own business.
grab, snatch
similar words:
clutch, pluck, pounce, reach, seize
definition 2: to quickly attempt to contrive or adopt (often followed by "for").
He grasped for an excuse for his rude behavior.
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an act of seizing or taking hold.
The party's grasp of power was a complete success.
clasp, grip
similar words:
catch, clench, clutch, grab, grapple, hold, take
definition 2: a grip on or possession of something.
The child struggled to escape the stranger's grasp.He felt in the grasp of a powerful emotion.
clutch, grip, hold
similar words:
catch, clasp, possession
definition 3: the hands or arms, while holding or trying to hold something.
She held in her grasp a sack of gold coins.
similar words:
arms, grip, hands
definition 4: the power of holding, controlling, mastering, or comprehending.
The politician held the audience in his grasp.She has a good grasp of the concepts of mathematics.
comprehension, familiarity, knowledge, mastery
similar words:
catch, clutches, cognizance, command, control, grip, hold, possession, sway, understanding
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derivations: graspable (adj.), grasper (n.)
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