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Word Combinations (verb), Grammatical Patterns
part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: happens, happening, happened
definition 1: to take place; occur.
Many accidents have happened at this street corner.We can't predict what will happen in our lives.You broke your leg? When did that happen?
come to pass, fall, occur, pass, take place
similar words:
arise, be, befall, betide, come, ensue, eventuate, transpire
definition 2: to occur or take place by chance or coincidence.
These things happen; there isn't always a reason.
definition 3: to encounter by chance (usu. fol. by "on" or "upon").
I happened upon him this morning in the park.
chance, stumble
similar words:
bump into, come, hit, run across
definition 4: to have the accidental lot, luck, or misfortune (to be in a specified situation or do something specified); chance.
A deer just happened to be in the road at the moment we came around the curve.[verb + infinitive ] My next door neighbor and I happened to get seats right next to each other on the plane.[verb + infinitive ] Aren't we lucky? I just happen to have a cork screw in my pocket.[verb + infinitive ] It happened that he and his ex-wife had both reserved tables at the restaurant on the same night.[it + verb + that + clause ] The cafe was extremely busy, but there happened to be a table just opening up as we arrived.[there + verb + to be/infinitive ]
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