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parts of speech:
adjective, transitive verb
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part of speech: adjective
pronunciation: pro pri t
definition: fitting the practical or social requirements of the situation; seemly; suitable.
When you're doing carpentry, you'll get the best results if you use tools that are appropriate to each task.Jeans and a T-shirt are not appropriate for a formal wedding.It was difficult choosing appropriate music for the funeral.Please read the employee manual for its discussion of appropriate office behavior.
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apposite, apropos, apt, befitting, due, felicitous, fit, fitting, meet, proper, seemly, suitable, suited
improper, inappropriate, unbecoming, unfitting, unsuitable, wrong
similar words:
amenable, applicable, comely, convenient, decent, decorous, done, expedient, germane, happy, legitimate, likely, opportune, pertinent, possible, relevant, right, seasonable, timely, to the point
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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: pro pri eIt
inflections: appropriates, appropriating, appropriated
definition 1: to identify or set aside for a particular purpose.
The town appropriated funds for the building of the new library.
allocate, assign, dedicate, earmark
similar words:
allot, appoint, apportion
definition 2: to take for one's own, often without permission.
The army appropriated farm animals to feed the soldiers.The Europeans appropriated the natives' lands.
defalcate, expropriate, lift, misappropriate, peculate, pocket, take, usurp
similar words:
adopt, arrogate, borrow, claim, commandeer, confiscate, cop, embezzle, grab, impound, liberate, palm, plagiarize, purloin, rip off, rob, seize, steal, swipe, thieve
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derivations: appropriately (adv.), appropriateness (n.)