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huhng gri
Word Combinations (adjective)
part of speech: adjective
inflections: hungrier, hungriest
definition 1: feeling a need or desire for food.
He hadn't eaten all day and was hungry when he got home from work.I wasn't hungry for breakfast this morning, so I skipped it.
full, sated, surfeited
definition 2: showing or being caused by hunger.
We heard the baby's hungry crying, but the mother was nowhere to be seen.
definition 3: having a strong desire or craving.
She'd never left her small town and was now hungry for new experiences.Even after he'd achieved success as an actor, he was still hungry for praise and admiration.We were all hungry to start working on this new project.
similar words:
avid, greedy, voracious
definition 4: having or characterized by a shortage of food.
These were hungry times during and after the war.
definition 5: lacking in nutrients; not fertile; barren.
The hungry soil no longer produced crops.
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derivations: hungrily (adv.), hungriness (n.)