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parts of speech:
conjunction, noun
part of speech: conjunction
definition 1: on the condition that.
If you promise to pay me back, I will lend you the money.
definition 2: when or in the event that.
If he leaves for work around eight o'clock, he always gets stuck in traffic.If I tell you to do something, I mean it.If I forget to confirm my reservation, will it be canceled?
definition 3: granting or accepting that.
If you are so broke, why are you buying another car?
definition 4: whether.
I doubt if he wants those old sneakers.Let me know if you decide to take the apartment or not.He doesn't know if he'll be back tomorrow or the next day.
definition 5: used to introduce an exclamatory phrase.
If he could see me dancing!If my high school friends could see me now!
part of speech: noun
definition: an uncertainty.
It's likely that they'll purchase the property, but there are still many ifs.