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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: ih nI shi eIt
inflections: initiates, initiating, initiated
definition 1: to cause to begin; institute; originate.
After two years of fighting, the warring countries have initiated peace negotiations.The company has initiated a new policy concerning smoking.
begin, commence, found, institute, start
abolish, terminate
similar words:
actuate, conceive, create, establish, inaugurate, instigate, introduce, kick off, launch, open, originate, pioneer, trigger, usher in
definition 2: to provide with basic knowledge in a skill or field of learning.
The new recruits were initiated in the techniques of self-defense.He felt that the experience of being swindled initiated him as to the ways of the world.
instruct, introduce, teach
similar words:
acquaint, break in, coach, drill, familiarize, train, tutor
definition 3: to admit as a member of a club or society by performing a formal ceremony or ritual.
At the ceremony to initiate new members, each new person must repeat the club pledge.
similar words:
admit, haze, install, instate, pledge, receive
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: ih nI shi eIt [or] ih nI shi iht
definition: one who has been initiated.
After the ceremony, there is a dinner in honor of the initiates.
similar words:
inductee, insider, member, pledge, recruit
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