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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a device or tool used for highly specialized work, especially within the areas of science or medicine.
A stethoscope is a one of a doctor's most essential instruments.
device, implement, tool
similar words:
apparatus, appliance, contraption, gadget, utensil
definition 2: a device for recording or measuring.
The pilot suspected that his altitude indicator and some of his other instruments were not working properly.
gauge, measure, meter
similar words:
recorder, scope
definition 3: any of various devices for producing music, such as a trumpet or piano.
The violin, viola, and cello are some of the string instruments used in a symphony orchestra.
similar words:
brass, drum, keyboard, organ, percussion, piano, pipe, reed, strings, woodwind
definition 4: any means for accomplishing something.
She joined the Peace Corps hoping to be an instrument of good works.His father used his belt as an instrument of punishment.
agency, agent, implement, means, medium, tool, vehicle
similar words:
apparatus, catalyst, contrivance, device, expedient, mechanism
definition 5: a legal document.
deed, document
similar words:
contract, paper
definition 6: one who is used or exploited by another.
pawn, stooge, tool
similar words:
cat's-paw, creature, dupe, girl Friday, lackey, man Friday, minion, subordinate, underling
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: instruments, instrumenting, instrumented
definition: to equip with instruments for measuring or recording.
similar words:
accouter, equip, fit
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