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In vn to ri
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
inflections: inventories
definition 1: a complete, often detailed list of things in one's possession or in a particular place.
I had to make an inventory of all the possessions in my house for the insurance company.She was commissioned to draw up an inventory of all the historical monuments in the region.The manager checked the inventory to see how many cases of the wine were still in stock.
similar words:
catalog, roster, schedule
definition 2: the process of making up such a list, including whatever checking and investigating may be involved in order to do so.
The inventory of all the merchandise in the warehouse took a number of days.Doing the stock inventory is a task that usually falls to the assistant manager.
definition 3: the actual items referred to on such a list, collectively, esp. merchandise or materials in stock.
The store sold most of its inventory during the big sale.We still have plenty of inventory in the warehouse.
similar words:
catalog, good, goods, stock
definition 4: an assessment or tally of personal characteristics, skills, resources, or the like.
Her inventory of the applicant's skills suggested that he could be the right person for the job.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: inventories, inventorying, inventoried
definition: to make an inventory of.
The owner inventoried the stock just yesterday.The anthropologist inventoried the kinship terms used by the two tribes.
similar words:
catalog, tally
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  • inventory sheet:
    the piece of paper where you record information when you take inventory.