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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: justifies, justifying, justified
definition 1: to demonstrate (something) to be true or valid.
You'll need solid evidence to justify your claim.
back, demonstrate, evince, prove, substantiate, vindicate
similar words:
alibi, confirm, corroborate, defend, explain, legitimize, support, uphold, validate, verify
definition 2: to give reasonable grounds for or attest to the rightness of; warrant.
He justified his decision to stay, saying it was best for his wife and children.He justified eating a big dinner by reminding himself that he hadn't had lunch.[verb + gerund ] I can't justify your spending so much money on clothes.[verb + possessive adj + gerund ] She tried to justify her betrayal of her friend, but in the end she could not rid herself of guilt.
back, defend, demonstrate, evince, legitimize, substantiate, warrant
similar words:
account, alibi, assert, authorize, corroborate, explain, rationalize, support, uphold, vindicate
definition 3: to absolve of sin or error; declare or make free of blame or guilt.
He's done many good things, but it doesn't justify him in his actions in this case.
absolve, clear, exculpate, exonerate, vindicate
similar words:
acquit, alibi, excuse, forgive, pardon, redeem
definition 4: to make (margins or lines of type) even throughout a text by setting the spacing of each line.
The word processing program justifies the margins for you automatically.
similar words:
margin, space
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derivation: justified (adj.)
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