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lae br tor i [or] lae br tor i
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part of speech: noun
inflections: laboratories
definition 1: a place designed for scientific investigation and experimentation.
As their experiment began to yield results, the scientists worked in their laboratory late into the night.
definition 2: a place where new drugs and other chemical produces are created and tested.
Our company's laboratory has been testing an exciting new compound this past year.
definition 3: a place for students of science or technology to experiment, make observations, and practice scientific techniques, or a place equipped with special technology for various types of students to use as an aid to learning.
a computer laboratorya language laboratory
definition 4: a period of time during which students are assigned to use a laboratory for study, practice, or experimentation as part of an academic course.
The geology class meets three times a week in the lecture hall, and there is a laboratory once a week.If I miss a laboratory for my French class, I have to make it up.
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