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parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a usu. minor, temporary, or unintentional decline from or failure to meet some established or accepted standard.
My grandfather has occasional memory lapses.I'm sorry for not introducing you; my shock at seeing him there caused me to have a lapse in good manners.
similar words:
decline, disregard, down, error, fault, faux pas, negligence, peccadillo, slip, slip-up
definition 2: a passing or past interval of time; elapsed period.
The old theater is operating again after a lapse of ten years.
similar words:
interim, interlude, intermission, interval, passage, period, recess
definition 3: the termination of a legal right or privilege because of failure to use it.
similar words:
discontinuance, expiration, expiry, nullification, revocation, termination
definition 4: the termination of a benefit or warranty, because of nonpayment of premiums or expiration of the contracted period of coverage.
similar words:
discontinuance, end, nullification, revocation, termination
definition 5: a slow or gradual decline or fall.
a lapse into silencea lapse into disuse
similar words:
decline, descent, downturn, drop, ebb, wane
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: lapses, lapsing, lapsed
definition 1: to decline from or fail to meet an established or accepted standard, usu. temporarily, unintentionally, or in a minor way.
They never lapsed in their faithfulness to each other.
similar words:
fault, miss, slip
definition 2: to drift slowly or gradually into or out of a state or mental condition.
The injured woman lapsed into a coma.After his wife died, he lapsed into despair.
similar words:
drift, fall, slip
definition 3: to come to an end, as a right or benefit in force during a specified period of time.
Her license to practice dentistry has lapsed.The insurance policy lapsed due to non-payment of the premium.
elapse, expire
similar words:
cease, end, terminate
definition 4: to slip into disuse.
This old custom has lapsed.
similar words:
fall, slip
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derivation: lapsable (lapsible) (adj.)
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