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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb
let down, let off, let out, let up
Word Combinations (verb), Grammatical Patterns
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: lets, letting, let
definition 1: to allow; permit.
The man let the children pet his dog.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ] Please don't let anyone find out about this.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ] She wanted to do it alone, so she wouldn't let them help her.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ]
allow, permit
similar words:
approve, authorize, empower, enable, grant, sanction, suffer, warrant
definition 2: to allow to come or go in a particular direction.
We let the dog into the house.Don't let the cat out!
similar words:
authorize, empower, enable, grant, sanction, warrant
definition 3: to make or cause.
They let it be known that the property was for sale.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ] He goes off with his friends and lets me do all the work![verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ]
similar words:
allow, cause, enable, permit
definition 4: used in the imperative to express threat or warning, or to express a command or request.
Just let them try and stop us![verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ] Let me be, or I'll scream![verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ] Let the games begin![verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ] Let's sit here for a while and rest.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ] Let's not worry till we have to.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ]
definition 5: to rent or lease (another's property) for one's own use.
My brother owns the cottage, but we're letting it from him for the summer.
lease, rent
similar words:
charter, hire, sublease, sublet
definition 6: to rent or lease (one's property) to another in return for compensation.
The landlord is now letting the upstairs apartment.
lease, rent
definition 7: in mathematics, used to propose that something be accepted as true in order to set up a problem or demonstrate a principle.
Let X be equal to 5, and let Y be equal to 4.[verb + smby/smth + bare infinitive ]
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to be rented or leased.
The house lets for $2000 a month.
lease, rent
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