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lI t r li
Language Note
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: in strict accordance with the primary meaning of individual words and generally without regard to phrases as units of meaning.
If you translate some expressions literally--"eager beaver," for example-- you can produce some humorous results in the other language.
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word for word
similar words:
to the letter
definition 2: without exaggeration; in complete truth; really.
The four of us worked literally all day and all night and ended up having breakfast together when we were finished.They were so afraid that they literally jumped out the windows, and some of them injured themselves badly.
Language Note
Literally means "in fact, exactly, or really." Figuratively means the opposite. When you speak figuratively, you equate a real situation with something that is not real but conveys the meaning or feeling that you want to express. If you say "It was so hot, I was melting from the heat," you are speaking figuratively. At least it would be extraordinarily terrible if you were speaking literally!