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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, interjection
part of speech: noun
inflections: men
definition 1: a fully grown male human.
gentleman, male
similar words:
chap, fellow, guy
definition 2: human beings in general; the human race; all mankind.
Man cannot live without air and water.
Homo sapiens, humanity, humankind, mankind
similar words:
earthlings, people, persons, race, world
definition 3: (informal) a husband or male lover.
I think she has a new man in her life.
beau, boyfriend, hubby, husband, suitor
similar words:
bridegroom, consort, groom, lover, mate, paramour, partner, Romeo, spouse
definition 4: a male person possessing qualities that are considered to be manly.
he-man, hercules
similar words:
adonis, animal, hunk, jock, tarzan
definition 5: a playing piece or marker used in certain games, esp. board games such as checkers.
similar words:
checker, chessman, counter
definition 6: (slang; often cap.) a person or persons of power and authority, esp. white men (prec. by "the").
similar words:
big shot, boss, chief, establishment, headman, honcho, honky, leader, power structure
definition 7: (slang) used as an informal form of address to a male person, usu. used between men.
Hey, man. Are you ever going to give back my razor?You look great in that suit, man!
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: mans, manning, manned
definition: to run or operate something.
We need more soldiers to man the battle stations.Who is manning the front desk right now?
similar words:
arm, cover, equip, post, station
part of speech: interjection
definition: (slang) used to express disbelief, amazement, exasperation, frustration, anger, or the like.
Man! Look at all those stars! I don't think I've ever seen so many.Man! That was the hardest exam I've ever taken!Man! I can't believe he did that! What a jerk!Man! I just can't get the top off this thing!