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part of speech: noun
definition 1: way of doing; style.
She sets the table in the same manner as her mother did.This manner of farming has become more common recently.
fashion, mode, style, way
similar words:
approach, custom, habit, idiosyncrasy, method, wise, wont
definition 2: personal way of behaving or acting, esp. in relation to others.
He's a kind man at heart, but he has a rough manner.She conducted the tour in a grand manner.I hate when he speaks to me in that superior manner.
bearing, demeanor, deportment, mien, way
similar words:
address, air, approach, behavior, carriage, conduct, fashion, mode, posture, presence, style
definition 3: (pl.) one's conduct in social situations as judged by society.
It is considered good manners to send thank-you notes for presents one has received.Some people feel it is bad manners to eat with one's elbows propped on the table.
similar words:
behavior, conduct
definition 4: (pl.) proper behavior; polite conduct.
You should be ashamed; didn't your parents teach you manners?
decorum, etiquette, politeness, politesse, propriety
similar words:
behavior, civility, comity, comportment, conduct, courtesy
definition 5: type; kind; sort.
One finds all manner of wildlife in the forest.
ilk, kind, sort, species, stripe, type, variety
similar words:
breed, category, class, example, specimen
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Are you looking for the word manor (an estate)? Manner and manor sound alike but have different meanings.
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