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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a deep hole or system of holes made in the earth, from which mineral substances such as gold, coal, or precious stones are extracted.
Workers were trapped in the mine.
similar words:
adit, boring, colliery, excavation, pit, quarry, repository, shaft, tunnel, well
definition 2: an abundant supply or source.
He is a mine of information.
abundance, cornucopia, fount, reservoir, wealth
similar words:
accumulation, amplitude, cache, fountainhead, fund, hoard, load, reserve, stock, stockpile, store, treasure, vessel, well, wellspring
definition 3: an explosive device hidden in ground or water and detonated by such means as contact, pressure, or a time fuse.
Mines had been planted in the field, and several soldiers had been killed attempting to cross it.
similar words:
booby trap, depth charge, explosive, land mine, time bomb
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: mines, mining, mined
definition 1: to dig in the earth for mineral substances such as gold or coal; work in a mine.
The company has been mining for coal in these hills for over a hundred years.
similar words:
burrow, dig, excavate, tunnel
definition 2: to make tunnels underground.
The prisoners were mining in hope of escape.
similar words:
burrow, dig
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to dig out; extract.
They used to mine silver in this area.
excavate, extract, unearth
similar words:
burrow, dig, dig out, tunnel
definition 2: to lay explosive devices under or within.
The bay has been mined by the enemy.
similar words:
bomb, detonate
definition 3: to search in and make use of (a library, reading material, or the like).
She mined the library for anything related to her topic.
similar words:
comb, examine, explore, investigate, peruse, pore over, scour, scrutinize, search, sift, study, winnow
definition 4: to ruin or destroy by slow means; undermine.
With his criticism, he mined her confidence entirely.
similar words:
corrupt, damage, dash, destroy, disable, harm, hurt, injure, ruin, spoil
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Word Builder: mine +
  • miner:
    a person who works in a mine.
  • mining:
    the activity of digging in the earth for minerals.
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