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part of speech: noun
definition 1: change in position or location.
The window was open, and there was slight movement of the curtains.His legs were paralyzed and not capable of movement.There was hurried movement toward the open doors of the train.
similar words:
motion, move, passage, switch, transposition, turn
definition 2: a particular instance or way of changing place or position in space.
Each movement of her arm was painful.The movements in ballet are graceful and highly stylized.
activity, locomotion, motion, passage
similar words:
action, career, circulation, conveyance, gesture, go, mobility, move, step
definition 3: a trend or course of events.
The lecture focused on the movement toward individualism in society.
course, passage, process, progression, trend
similar words:
advance, tenor
definition 4: a group of people or organizations acting with similar tendencies or acting to achieve a common goal, or the combined actions of the group, or the ideas that the group hold in common.
Ending the Vietnam War was the goal of the peace movement in the 1960s and '70s.The painters Monet, Pissaro, and Degas were part of the French impressionist movement in art, which was at its peak in the mid to late nineteenth century.
alliance, coalition
similar words:
cause, school, union
definition 5: progression through a sequence, as of things, events, or stages in a literary work.
parade, procession, progression, sequence, succession
similar words:
advancement, development, unfolding
definition 6: a main section in a musical composition.
The theme is repeated throughout the second movement of the symphony.
similar words:
act, passage
definition 7: a change of position of military troops, ships, weapons, or supplies.
The spies detected no movement of the enemy troops.
maneuver, operation
similar words:
action, campaign, mission, mobilization, transportation
definition 8: the act of emptying the bowels, or the feces so evacuated.
BM, defecation, evacuation, excrement, excretion, feces, shit, stool
similar words:
elimination, excreta, ordure
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