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parts of speech:
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part of speech: adjective
pronunciation: o vr awl [or] o vr awl
definition 1: from one limit to the other; entire.
The overall distance across Australia is about four thousand kilometers.
entire, entirely, throughout, total, totally, whole, wholly
similar words:
altogether, complete, comprehensive, full, fully
definition 2: with respect to or including nearly everything; general.
Although there were a few positive reviews, the overall opinion of the critics was that the play was simply dull.I scored highest in one of the events, but my sister was the overall winner of the competition.
general, generally, in the main, largely, mainly, mostly, on the whole
similar words:
altogether, chiefly, principally
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part of speech: adverb
definition: for the most part; in general.
Overall, I'd say our presentation went very well.
part of speech: noun
pronunciation: o vr awl
definition 1: (usu. pl.) loose-fitting, heavy cotton trousers with a bib and shoulder straps, often worn over clothes for protection from soiling.
similar words:
coveralls, jump suit
definition 2: (chiefly British) a long loose-fitting coat or smock worn over clothes to protect them.
similar words:
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