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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
on pain of, take pains (to do something)
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: physical distress or discomfort that is usu. caused by injury or illness and is the nervous system's means of signaling to the brain that something is wrong.
She had a good deal of pain after the surgery, but the medication relieved it.The soldier was moaning and obviously in severe pain.
comfort, pleasure
similar words:
ache, affliction, discomfort, distress, hurt, smart, soreness, suffering, trouble
definition 2: a specific instance of such distress.
I've had a pain in my back since this morning.
hurt, soreness
similar words:
ache, affliction, discomfort, distress, pang, smart, stab, stitch, throb, twinge
definition 3: physical or mental suffering; grief; agony.
Her mother's death caused her great pain.
agony, distress, grief, suffering
ease, ecstasy, pleasure
similar words:
ache, affliction, anguish, calamity, discomfort, hurt, ill, sorrow, torment, torture, tribulation, woe
definition 4: (pl.) great care or effort.
I usually take pains with my work, but I admit that I rushed through this.
care, effort, trouble
similar words:
attention, consideration, diligence, energy, exertion, notice
definition 5: (informal) a person or thing that causes irritation or difficulty.
My nosey sister can be such a pain sometimes.Doing my taxes was a real pain this year.
annoyance, bother, nuisance, pest
similar words:
agitator, headache, nag, peeve, torment, trial, trouble
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phrase: on pain of
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: pains, paining, pained
definition: to cause distress in; irritate; hurt.
It pains me to see him fail.
afflict, distress, hurt, trouble
similar words:
agonize, ail, annoy, gall, grieve, irritate, kill, nag, torment, twinge, wrench
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to have pain.
hurt, suffer
similar words:
ache, gall, smart, twinge
phrase: take pains (to do something)
Homophone Note
The words pain and pane (a sheet of glass) sound alike but have different meanings.
Word Builder: pain +
  • painful:
    causing physical or mental pain.
  • painless:
    causing no pain.
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  care, disease, fear, first aid, injury, nerve, sadness, sense