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p tI shn
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a formal request that is usu. written, often signed by many people, and addressed to an authority that is empowered to grant some right or benefit.
Many residents have signed a petition to stop the building of the power plant in their community.
similar words:
appeal, application, complaint, grievance, plea, request, solicitation
definition 2: a formal, written request or application to a court of law for some judicial action.
His lawyer submitted a petition for clemency.
similar words:
application, complaint, grievance, suit
definition 3: a humble request; entreaty; supplication.
Their petitions for help were ignored by the authorities.
appeal, entreaty, plea, supplication
similar words:
behest, prayer, request
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: petitions, petitioning, petitioned
definition 1: to address a request or entreaty to.
He petitioned the court for a custody hearing.
appeal to, apply to, entreat
similar words:
ask, beseech, implore, supplicate
definition 2: to entreat or request with, or as though with, a petition.
Many students have petitioned the principal to make changes in the dress code.
similar words:
appeal to, ask, beg, beseech, entreat, implore, pray, solicit, sue for
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to make a request by, or as if by, petition.
similar words:
appeal, apply, ask, beseech, entreat, implore, importune, plead, sue, supplicate
definition 2: to present or send a petition.
similar words:
appeal, apply
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derivations: petitionary (adj.), petitioner (n.)