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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: in grammar, a string of words that has meaning and grammatical order but does not have both a subject and a predicate.
I usually put a comma after an initial adverbial phrase such as "as a result" or "in the meantime."
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similar words:
clause, locution
definition 2: in grammar, a single word or string of words that forms a constituent of a sentence, such as a noun phrase or verb phrase.
In the sentence "The old man who lives upstairs used to be a plumber," the subject consists of the noun phrase "the old man who lives upstairs."
definition 3: a brief and familiar saying or expression.
The candidate always ends his speeches with the phrase "God bless America."
similar words:
bromide, byword, cliché, commonplace, maxim, platitude, proverb, saw, saying, truism
definition 4: a string of words embodying a unique unit of meaning that cannot be understood, or readily understood, by considering the meaning of each word on its own; idiom.
Are you familiar with the phrase "it's water under the bridge"?
definition 5: a group of spoken words that is separated from others by pauses.
He spoke in halting phrases.
similar words:
expression, line, locution, speech, utterance
definition 6: a brief, coherent passage of music.
The pianist had difficulty with that particular phrase and practiced it again and again.
similar words:
aria, line, melody, tune
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: phrases, phrasing, phrased
definition 1: to express or say in a particular way.
How should I phrase this introduction?
couch, word
similar words:
articulate, express, formulate, frame, put, style
definition 2: to express verbally.
articulate, say, verbalize, voice
similar words:
assert, communicate, declare, impart, mention, mouth, put, relate, speak, tell, utter
definition 3: to read or say with deliberate or appropriate pauses or other vocal effects, such as stress or accent.
similar words:
accentuate, articulate, emphasize, enunciate, stress
definition 4: to execute (a passage or passages of music) in a particular way.
similar words:
express, perform, play
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to execute passages of music in a particular way.
similar words:
perform, play
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