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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
a piece of the action, go to pieces, of a piece, piece together
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a section or part separated from the whole.
A piece of the broken glass was under the table.He cut the pie into eight pieces.
fragment, part, portion, section, segment
similar words:
bit, cantle, chunk, component, constituent, detachment, division, element, fraction, hunk, length, nub, parcel, rag, sector, slab, subdivision
definition 2: an individual item, a countable unit, of a certain class of thing.
I need a piece of paper to make a list.I've lost a few pieces of my good silverware over the years.We bought a couple of new pieces of furniture for the apartment.Would you like a piece of candy?
similar words:
component, constituent, element, member, part, specimen, unit
definition 3: one of the parts that something is constructed with.
He took the motorcycle completely apart and then reassembled the pieces.The artificial Christmas tree came in several pieces in the box.This puzzle seems to be missing a piece.
definition 4: a creative work by an artist, writer, or composer.
This was the first piece of music by the composer that was performed publicly.The gallery is displaying some interesting pieces of sculpture.
oeuvre, opus, undertaking, work
similar words:
brainchild, chef-d'oeuvre, composition, creation, effort, lucubration, magnum opus, masterpiece, masterwork, music, production, story
definition 5: a coin.
A nickel is a five-cent piece.
coin, specie
similar words:
change, coinage, copper, doubloon, escudo, gold, mintage, peso, piaster, piece of eight, silver
definition 6: one of the small objects used in playing board games such as chess; counter.
We'd only been playing a half hour and already I'd taken three of his pieces.
similar words:
counter, man
definition 7: (usu. offensive) a person considered as a sex partner.
fuck, lay, screw
similar words:
definition 8: (slang) a firearm.
firearm, handgun, heater, pistol, rod
similar words:
derringer, gun, repeater, revolver, side arms, six-shooter, zip gun
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phrase: a piece of the action, go to pieces, of a piece
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: pieces, piecing, pieced
definition 1: to extend or complete with additional material (often fol. by "out").
She pieced out the plot by adding new characters.
add to, augment, complete, enlarge, expand, extend, supplement
similar words:
complement, enhance
definition 2: to mend or make (a garment) by adding a piece or joining two sections together.
seam, sew, stitch
similar words:
baste, hem, mend, tuck
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phrase: piece together
Homophone Note
Are you looking for the word peace (freedom from war)? Piece and peace sound alike but have different meanings.
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