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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
take the pledge
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a formal or solemn promise; vow.
The new governor made a pledge to protect the environment.You cannot join the club if you refuse to take the pledge.The students are required to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
oath, promise, vow, word of honor
similar words:
assurance, commission, earnest, guarantee, guaranty, homage, sacrament, word
definition 2: an amount of money promised as a donation to a church, charity, or the like.
Your pledge of one hundred dollars to support the building fund is greatly appreciated.The volunteers will be calling to ask people to make pledges.
similar words:
donation, earnest, offering, tithe
definition 3: something regarded as security for an obligation; collateral.
He gave her his watch as a pledge that he would repay the money.
collateral, earnest, guarantee, pawn, warrant
similar words:
boil, gage, guaranty, surety
definition 4: the condition of being given or held as security for an obligation.
His property is in pledge for the mortgage.
guarantee, pawn
similar words:
assurance, insurance, warranty
definition 5: a person newly accepted into and not yet having the full privileges of membership in a private club, fraternity, or the like.
The fraternity president is speaking to the pledges.
similar words:
candidate, initiate, probationer
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phrase: take the pledge
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: pledges, pledging, pledged
definition 1: to bind by demanding a solemn promise.
Deciding that she had to let her brother in on the plan, she pledged him to secrecy.
adjure, swear
similar words:
bind, commit, enjoin, guarantee, obligate, oblige, plight
definition 2: to promise or guarantee.
He pledged his aid to the cause.The prime minister pledged her support for new measures to protect public safety.She pledged that she would never reveal the secret.[verb + (that) + clause ] The new mayor pledged to clean up crime in the city.[verb + infinitive ]
assure, guarantee, promise, swear, vow
similar words:
covenant, guaranty, insure, plight, warrant
definition 3: to give as security for an obligation or place at risk on a particular outcome; stake.
The gunslinger pledged his pearl-handled gun in order to stay in the poker game.He pledged his life for the cause he believed in.
similar words:
bail out, finance, guarantee, mortgage, obligate, risk, stake
definition 4: to enroll as a new member in a club, fraternity, or the like.
Are you going to pledge a sorority?
enroll, initiate, sign up
similar words:
accept, enlist
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to make or give a promise; vow.
The museum pledged for the safe return of the art treasures to Egypt.
promise, swear, vow
similar words:
covenant, engage
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derivations: pledgeable (adj.), pledger (n.)
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