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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
beside the point, in point of, point out, point to, stretch a point, to the point
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the sharp end of something.
I like a sharp pencil point.Someone stuck the point of the knife into the cheese.
end, nib, peak, pike, spike, tip
similar words:
apex, extremity, pinnacle, prong, tine
definition 2: a piece of land that extends into water.
We had a picnic out on the point.
cape, foreland, spit
similar words:
headland, peninsula, projection, promontory
definition 3: a degree or position, as on a scale.
0 C is the freezing point of waterAt what point does water boil?
similar words:
phase, position, stage, step
definition 4: a specific moment in time, esp. in a process or continuing activity.
We were at the point of coming to an agreement when we were interrupted.She was making little money at that point in her career.
edge, instant, moment, verge
similar words:
brink, degree, phase, position, second, stage
definition 5: the meaning or purpose of a statement or action.
I don't understand the point of this paragraph.What's the point of doing this?
crux, drift, gist, import, sense, significance
similar words:
bottom line, importance, intention, issue, meaning, message, nitty-gritty, object, purpose, substance, tenor
definition 6: an idea or argument put forth for consideration.
He made several valid points in his essay.
issue, matter, question, subject, topic
similar words:
consideration, idea
definition 7: a particular place in space or in the world.
The train stops at many points between the two cities.
definition 8: a quality or attribute.
This horse has many good points.
detail, property, quality, trait
similar words:
attribute, characteristic, component, part, specific
definition 9: one of the thirty-two directions as marked on a compass.
similar words:
definition 10: the punctuation mark (.); period.
similar words:
full stop
definition 11: a unit used for keeping score in certain sports.
She scored sixteen points in the basketball game.
definition 12: in education, a unit used for grading and calculating credits.
similar words:
mark, score, unit
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phrase: beside the point, in point of, stretch a point, to the point
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: points, pointing, pointed
definition 1: to aim or direct at something.
She pointed her finger at me.
aim, direct, level
similar words:
home, shine
definition 2: to call attention to by indicating (usu. fol. by "out").
The guide pointed out many interesting buildings.I pointed out the absurdity of waiting.
designate, indicate, specify
similar words:
direct, note, show
definition 3: to give added emphasis to (often fol. by "up").
His crazy actions pointed up the need for control.
emphasize, highlight, stress
similar words:
definition 4: to fill in (masonry) with a cementing substance.
similar words:
cement, mortar
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to show direction or location, or to specify, by pointing one's finger.
The professor spoke from the podium while pointing at the blackboard.I asked what was wrong and he pointed to his foot.
similar words:
denote, specify
definition 2: to face in a direction.
The front of the building points northward.
face, front
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phrase: point out, point to
Word Builder: point +
  • pointed:
    having a short point.
  • pointer:
    a tool for pointing at something.
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