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p ze sihv
parts of speech:
adjective, noun
Word Combinations (adjective, noun)
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: of or relating to possession.
They are claiming possessive rights to the land.
definition 2: tending to acquire, desire, or jealously maintain ownership of something.
He's very possessive about his car and won't let anyone else drive it.
similar words:
acquisitive, avaricious, covetous, grasping, greedy, jealous
definition 3: tending to dominate friends, relatives, or lovers and to jealously oppose their having other relationships.
similar words:
clinging, controlling, domineering, jealous
definition 4: in grammar, of or denoting a case, form, or construction that indicates ownership, possession, origin, or the like.
"His" is a possessive pronoun, and "John's" is a possessive noun.
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the possessive case, form, or the like.
definition 2: a word or phrase in the possessive case.
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derivations: possessively (adv.), possessiveness (n.)