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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the theory or opinion that a certain race is superior to another or others because of certain inborn characteristics. Racism can underlie the beliefs and actions of both individuals and institutions, as well as those of a society as a whole.
Laws that allowed some immigrants into the country and not others were influenced by racism.
definition 2: persistent and pervasive discrimination, both subtle and direct, on the part of members of the racial group that holds the greatest wealth and power within a society against members of other racial groups, resulting in inequities in such areas as income, job opportunities, access to voting and healthcare, treatment under the law, and treatment by law enforcement officials; systemic racism.
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definition 3: contempt for or distrust of members of a different race based on generalized, preconceived notions regarding their character or abilities.
Racism motivated the neighbor's call to the police.
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