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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a frame or structure used to hold or display various items.
a wine racka dress rack
similar words:
frame, framework, holder, shelves, skeleton, stretcher, tree, trestle, valet
definition 2: in the game of pool or billiards, a triangular frame used to position the balls, or the balls themselves after being placed in such a position.
definition 3: a machine bar with teeth that engage another toothed part such as a gearwheel.
similar words:
cog, cogwheel, gear, gearwheel
definition 4: formerly, an instrument of torture on which the victim's limbs were pinned and slowly stretched.
similar words:
definition 5: something that causes great mental or physical agony, or the agony it causes; extreme stress.
agony, anguish, hell, torment, torture
similar words:
affliction, distress, fire, ordeal, pain, plague, scourge, suffering, tribulation, woe
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: racks, racking, racked
definition 1: to torture or torment, esp. by means of interrogation or on a rack.
The heretic was racked.Pain racked his body.
agonize, torment, torture
similar words:
agonize, anguish, crucify, grill, harrow, interrogate, outrage, persecute
definition 2: to cause stress or strain to.
She racked her brains trying to remember.
agonize, harrow, rend, strain, wrench
similar words:
afflict, distress, sprain, stress, stretch, twist, wring
definition 3: to place in or on a rack.
definition 4: in pool or billiards, to collect and position (the balls) in a triangular frame.
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Word Builder: kinds of rack
  • bike rack:
    a rack for holding bicycles, usually outside.
  • dish rack:
    a rack for holding dishes while they dry.
  • spice rack:
    a rack for holding containers of spices.
  • wine rack:
    a rack for holding bottles of wine.