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beI sihs
Word Combinations (noun)
part of speech: noun
inflections: bases
definition 1: the foundation or support on which other parts depend; base.
Trust is the basis of friendship.What is the basis of your theory?
base, foundation, ground, support, underpinning
similar words:
bedrock, bottom, case, cornerstone, fabric, foot, footing, groundwork, hinge, occasion, pedestal, plinth, substratum, substructure
definition 2: a particular system, mode of operation, standard, or guiding principle that underlies the way something else is established, decided on, or managed.
The Constitution is the basis of government in the United States.Giving positive reinforcement rather than punishment has always been the basis for handling problem behavior at our school.The employees are paid on a weekly basis.He's living with us on a temporary basis.She was given the job on the basis of her wide experience.
similar words:
bedrock, cause, cornerstone, fabric, fundamental, ground, groundwork, postulate, principle, rationale, root, underpinning
definition 3: the principal component.
Carbon is the basis of organic molecules.
core, essence
similar words:
base, element, essential, gist, ground, groundwork, heart, meat, pith, quintessence, root, soul
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