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parts of speech:
transitive verb, noun, intransitive verb
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: shares, sharing, shared
definition 1: to divide and give out to others while reserving a portion for oneself.
I shared my sandwich with him since he'd forgotten his lunch.It will be easier if she shares the tasks of cleaning out the house.
admeasure, allocate, allot, apportion, divide, divvy, split
similar words:
deal, distribute, dole, mete, parcel, partition, prorate, ration
definition 2: to receive, use, or enjoy together with one or more others.
All the guests shared the delicious meal.She shared the park bench with an elderly couple.They asked us if we would share our table with some other customers.
similar words:
definition 3: to tell or confide, esp. to a group.
Feel free to share any concerns or suggestions that you have with us.I was surprised that he was willing to share such a secret with our whole group.
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a portion of a whole, esp. as given to or owed by one member of a group.
He never does his share of the work around here.What are you going to do with your share of the money?
allotment, lot, portion, quota
similar words:
dose, end, hand, part, split, stake
definition 2: one of the equal parts into which the capital stock of a business organization is divided.
They own several shares of the company.
similar words:
interest, stock
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part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to participate along with others (often fol. by "in").
We shared in the building of the barn.The whole community shared in the festivities.
join, partake, participate
similar words:
chip in, contribute, cooperate, engage, enter, help, pitch in, pull one's weight
definition 2: to receive a share of something (often fol. by "in").
As an investor, you will share in the profits.
similar words:
participate, receive, take
definition 3: to receive, use, or enjoy something together with one or more others.
They had some wine and we had some snacks, so we decided to share.There is only one microscope, but the kids share.
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derivations: sharable (shareable) (adj.), sharer (n.)
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