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parts of speech:
adverb, conjunction, interjection, adjective
or so
Homophone Note
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: in the way that has just been said or expressed.
Is it going to rain? Yes, I think so.
definition 2: to the amount or degree that someone mentions or that is understood by the situation or by the emotion in someone's voice.
She was so ill that she could not work.Fifty dollars?! I never knew it was so expensive.I'm so happy this project is finished!
definition 3: also; too.
I ate lunch, and so did she.
part of speech: conjunction
definition 1: used to introduce a clause showing purpose or reason.
Put on a heavy jacket so you won't get cold.
definition 2: with the result that.
I was tired, so I went to bed early.
part of speech: interjection
definition 1: used to express your understanding of the meaning of what someone just said or did.
So, you think I'm too old to understand.So! You really think you can beat me?
definition 2: used to bring people's attention back to what you were saying or to some important point or purpose.
So, I was about to tell you what happened last night.So, are we finished with everything now?
part of speech: adjective
definition: true; based on fact.
She wouldn't say it if it weren't so.
phrase: or so
Homophone Note
The words so, sew, and sow1 sound alike but have different meanings.