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transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
strike up
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: strikes, striking, struck, stricken
definition 1: to hit (someone or something) with the hand or something used as a weapon.
He struck me with the back of his hand.She struck the fly with a rolled up magazine.
knock, smite
similar words:
bang, box, catch, clout, cuff, hammer, hit, jolt, nail, pound
definition 2: to land (a blow) with a hand or something used as a weapon.
The fighter struck two blows to his opponents chin.She struck the intruder a heavy blow with a metal pipe.[verb + object + object ]
definition 3: to collide or make abrupt contact with.
The car skidded off the road and struck a tree.
similar words:
bombard, bump, hit, jar, jolt, shock, smash
definition 4: to attack or make an assault upon.
The army struck the enemy fortifications at dawn.
assault, attack, storm
similar words:
assail, charge, invade, rush
definition 5: to afflict suddenly with an illness or disease.
Many children were stricken with polio that year.
similar words:
afflict, plague, scourge
definition 6: to injure by biting.
The snake struck his leg.
similar words:
definition 7: to have an impact on; impress.
The notion struck her as a good idea.
similar words:
come, hit, impress, occur, take, touch
definition 8: to indicate (the time) by means of sound.
The clock struck one o'clock.
similar words:
peal, ring, sound
definition 9: to create by stamping or punching out.
The mint strikes silver coins.
similar words:
coin, mint, press, punch, stamp
definition 10: to cause (a match) to produce a light or spark by means of friction.
There was complete darkness until someone struck a match.
similar words:
ignite, kindle, light
definition 11: to reach.
Sunlight should strike that hill by six o'clock.
similar words:
definition 12: to assume or take on.
She struck a pose for the photographer.
adopt, assume
definition 13: to discontinue working at until certain conditions are met.
They struck the factory for higher pay.
definition 14: to induce or instill (a feeling or emotion).
The threat struck terror in them.
induce, instill
similar words:
definition 15: to make.
Our company struck a deal with the manufacturer.
definition 16: to come into the mind of (one) as a thought, idea, or observation; to occur to.
It strikes me that you are hiding something and not saying what you really feel.[it + verb + smby + that + clause ] It suddenly struck me last night that I'm really just not ready to get married.[it + verb + smby + that + clause ]
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to come across something unexpectedly.
They finally struck upon oil after searching for months.
similar words:
chance, come across, hit
definition 2: (of lightning or other weather event) to issue forth from the sky.
Each time the lightning strikes, she fears the power will go out.Who knows where a tornado will strike next time!
definition 3: to land a blow with the hand or a weapon; hit.
His fist struck hard.
hit, smite
similar words:
bang, hammer, knock, pound, punch, rap, smash
definition 4: to make abrupt contact; collide.
Their swords struck with a clang.
hit, knock
similar words:
bump, collide, dash, shock
definition 5: to produce sound by hitting one object with another.
definition 6: to become ignited.
fire, ignite, kindle
definition 7: to engage in an attack or assault.
The police feared that the killer would strike again.
similar words:
descend, hammer, pounce, rush, swoop
definition 8: to refuse to continue working.
The union will strike soon.
similar words:
quit, walk
definition 9: to go away; take leave (fol. by "out").
We will strike out early in the morning.The band's lead singer decided to strike out on his own.
depart, leave
similar words:
go, shove off
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phrase: strike up
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act or an incident of striking.
similar words:
blow, bump, collision, cuff, punch, slap, stroke
definition 2: an action taken by a trade union or group of workers to stop work until their demands are agreed to by their employers.
similar words:
protest, sick-out, sit-down
definition 3: an attack; assault.
assault, attack, offensive
similar words:
charge, invasion, onslaught, raid
definition 4: in baseball, a failure, in any of several ways, to hit a pitched ball into the fair part of the playing field.
definition 5: in bowling, the knocking down of all pins with one roll of the ball.
definition 6: a protest against something.
a hunger strike
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derivation: strikeless (adj.)
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