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parts of speech:
adjective, adverb, pronoun
as such, such as
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: of this particular character or kind.
Such cakes as are produced by this bakery can't be found in supermarkets.
definition 2: having a similar quality; like.
She packed her shampoo, soap, and other such things in her small bag.
definition 3: of a nature implied but not specified.
Such things are never discussed.
definition 4: of a degree or quality that is extreme.
This is such fun!What you're saying is such nonsense!
part of speech: adverb
definition: to the degree mentioned or implied, or to the degree that someone can understand from the situation or from the strong emotion in one's voice.
Do you really need such a big car?I'm so happy! That is such good news.
part of speech: pronoun
definition 1: such a person or thing or such persons or things.
His thinking, if I may call it such, is confused.
definition 2: someone or something indicated, implied, or exemplified.
Such is the nature of man.
phrase: as such, such as