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part of speech: noun
inflections: surgeries
definition 1: the field of medicine that treats disease, physical complaints, and injury with medical operations.
He had intended to go into surgery but later switched to dermatology.The operation will be performed by a leading specialist in heart surgery.
definition 2: the work, skill, or practice of a doctor who specializes in this field.
The doctor will be doing surgery this morning and will see patients in the afternoon.
definition 3: an operation performed by a surgeon.
He underwent surgery after his heart attack.I'll be having surgery on my knee next week.My regular doctor is Dr. Abel, but Dr. Patel will be performing the surgery.
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definition 4: a room in which surgical operations are carried out; operating room.
The hospital workers wheeled the patient into the surgery.
definition 5: (Chiefly British) a doctor's or dentist's office.
When the doctor returned from the hospital to her surgery, the waiting room was full.
definition 6: (Chiefly British) a meeting held by a Minister of Parliament or local government official in which members of the public can raise issues, obtain advice, or get information.
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