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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: suhr veI
inflections: surveys
definition 1: the act of determining the shape, area, and elevation of a piece of land.
They did a survey of the property.
definition 2: the report, usu. in the form of a map or description, that results from such an act.
We'll need to see the land survey before we make a decision.
definition 3: a comprehensive overview or general look.
The history course is a survey of the major events in European history.
overview, review
similar words:
introduction, view
definition 4: a sampling and examination of selected information, usually gathered from various individual people, that is often used to make a generalization about a larger body of information, such as the opinion of the population at large.
They're conducting a phone survey of women over forty in order to get their opinions on political issues.The class survey showed that most students preferred to work in pairs rather than individually.
canvass, poll, sampling
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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: sr veI [or] suhr veI
inflections: surveys, surveying, surveyed
definition 1: to take an overall look at something.
He stood on the cliff a while, surveying the landscape below.We surveyed the remaining tasks that had to be done.
look over, scan
similar words:
behold, consider, observe, reconnoiter, regard, review, scout
definition 2: to examine in detail; scrutinize.
She surveyed his face for any signs of deceit.I surveyed the application forms for any errors before sending them in.
examine, observe, scan, scrutinize, study
similar words:
appraise, contemplate, inspect, overlook, peruse, pore over, probe, regard, view, watch
definition 3: to determine the shape, area, and elevation of (a piece of land) by mathematical measurements.
They're surveying the land in preparation for building a new road.
similar words:
chart, delimit, demarcate, measure, pace
definition 4: to carry out a survey of; canvass.
They surveyed the neighborhood and found out that most people were against the zoning proposal.
part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: sr veI [or] suhr veI
definition: to survey land.
similar words:
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  geography, measure, measurement
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