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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: sweats, sweating, sweat, sweated
definition 1: to excrete salty fluid from the skin pores for cooling of the body; perspire.
definition 2: to exude moisture.
similar words:
definition 3: to collect moisture by causing condensation of surrounding water vapor.
definition 4: (informal) to work hard; put in many hours.
similar words:
agonize, worry
definition 5: (informal) to feel anxiety or stress; worry.
similar words:
agonize, worry
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to excrete (perspiration) from the pores of the skin.
definition 2: to exude or cause to condense as drops.
definition 3: to excrete or remove by or as if by perspiring (often fol. by "out" or "off").
He hoped his son could sweat out the fever.
definition 4: to dampen, wet, or stain with perspiration.
He sweated his shirt through.
definition 5: to cause to sweat with heat, hard exercise, a sudorific drug, or the like.
definition 6: to force or exert pressure on to work harder.
definition 7: (informal) to obtain (information) by using threats or duress; extort.
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the liquid exuded from sweat glands through the pores of the skin; perspiration.
definition 2: the process or condition of sweating.
in a cold sweat
definition 3: a treatment or technique used to induce sweating, such as heat, hard exercise, or certain drugs.
definition 4: droplets of moisture exuded from or condensed onto a surface.
definition 5: any process of exuding moisture, or a treatment that induces it.
definition 6: (informal) a state of worry, impatience, or anxiety.
in a sweat about his test results
similar words:
bother, lather
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derivation: sweatless (adj.)
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