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parts of speech:
intransitive verb, transitive verb
think ahead, think of, think over, think through, think up
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: thinks, thinking, thought
definition 1: to use the power of the mind.
I think better when I'm in quiet surroundings.
conceive, ideate, imagine
similar words:
cogitate, conceptualize, dream, meditate, ponder, reason, remember, theorize
definition 2: to use one's mind to evaluate, reason, or judge.
I need to think before I make my final decision.He thought about selling his car and buying a new one.
cogitate, consider, ponder, reason
similar words:
brood, deliberate, estimate, judge, meditate, mull, reflect
definition 3: to turn your mind toward someone or something.
She thought about her sister in the hospital.I didn't think to bring an umbrella with me this morning, but I wish I had.[verb + infinitive ]
ponder, reflect
definition 4: to recall or remember (usu. fol. by "of").
He thought of his college days.
recollect, remember, reminisce
similar words:
bethink, recall
definition 5: to exercise caution.
Think before you act.
cogitate, consider, deliberate
similar words:
contemplate, imagine, judge, reason, reflect, ruminate
definition 6: to have an opinion or belief (usu. fol. by "of").
I think of him as a good man.
similar words:
conceptualize, deem, feel, judge
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to expect or believe.
He thinks that they will return soon.[verb + (that) + clause ]
similar words:
believe, guess, hope, imagine, project, speculate, suppose
definition 2: to reflect about or ponder.
Think what this means for your future.[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ]
cogitate, consider, contemplate, ponder
similar words:
analyze, deliberate, envisage, examine, imagine, regard, ruminate, speculate, study
definition 3: to form, as an idea; imagine.
She was thinking how lovely it would be to have a wedding in such a place.[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ] I can't think why you would want to invest in such a risky venture![verb + WH/whether/if + clause ]
conceive, imagine, picture
similar words:
concoct, contrive, design, formulate, ideate, image, intend, invent, project
definition 4: to have as an opinion.
I think that it's a good idea.[verb + (that) + clause ] Do you think the situation will improve?[verb + (that) + clause ]
definition 5: to have an opinion of (someone or something) as; believe to be.
They thought him crude and uncultured.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ] We all thought her a genius.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ] I thought them to be very kind and thoughtful.[verb + smby/smth + to be + noun/adj ]
adjudge, believe, consider, judge, regard
similar words:
assume, deem, fancy, feel, hold, infer, maintain, opine, presume, repute, suppose
definition 6: to remember or have in mind.
She was thinking how happy she had been.[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ]
recall, recollect, remember
similar words:
definition 7: to mentally formulate or consider.
I need time to think the matter through.
conceive, consider, imagine
similar words:
cogitate, conceptualize, concoct, contrive, devise, dream up, formulate, invent, ruminate
phrase: think ahead, think of, think over, think through, think up
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