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parts of speech:
preposition, adverb
Homophone Note
part of speech: preposition
pronunciation: tu  strong form [or] t  weak form
definition 1: in the direction of; toward.
the road to townThey're waving to me.
definition 2: as far as.
up to the third level
similar words:
definition 3: with the intention or goal of.
They came to my rescue.
definition 4: intended for the receiving or possession of.
The towel belongs to her.
definition 5: in relation with.
She is kind to her brother.
definition 6: associated or used with; intended for.
the key to the house
definition 7: closely on, against, beside, or in contact with.
Apply a hot pad to the sore spot.
definition 8: regarding; concerning.
He is blind to his own faults.
definition 9: resulting in or from.
to the best of his ability
definition 10: as compared with; in reference with.
a score of six to threeparallel to the highway
definition 11: before.
five minutes to eight
definition 12: contained in; constituting; per.
sixty marbles to a bag
definition 13: used before a verb to show the infinitive, or by itself to represent an implied verb.
Do you want to sing? Yes, I want to.
part of speech: adverb
pronunciation: tu
definition 1: into a shut position.
She pulled the door to.
definition 2: into a conscious state.
The wounded man finally came to.
Homophone Note
The words to, too, and two sound alike but have different meanings.