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t pa l ji
Word Combinations (noun), Word Parts
part of speech: noun
inflections: topologies
definition 1: the way in which the parts of a system are interrelated or arranged.
The topology of components in a circuit board is complex.
definition 2: in mathematics, the properties of a figure that are preserved when the figure undergoes certain deformations, such as stretching, bending, or crumpling, but are not preserved when the figure is cut or glued.
The topology of a rubber band is the same whether it is stretched or relaxed but changes if the rubber band is cut.
definition 3: the mathematical field dealing with the topological properties of geometric figures or objects.
definition 4: in medicine, the study of the anatomy of a particular area of the body, such as the brain.
definition 5: a topographic study of a specific place, esp. the study of its history in light of the topography of the region.
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