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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a solid piece of hard material such as wood, concrete, or ice, usu. flat on the sides.
Blocks of ice were cut from the surface of the frozen lake.
similar words:
bar, brick, cake, chunk, cube
definition 2: such a piece, usu. made of concrete, used for building construction.
similar words:
brick, cinder block
definition 3: a section of a city or town bounded on four sides by intersecting streets, or the distance represented by one side of such a section.
Let's take a walk around the block.He lives four blocks away.
similar words:
neighborhood, square
definition 4: one of a set of small cubes or other three-dimensional shapes, usu. made of wood or plastic, and used as a child's building toy.
Her little boy was busy making a castle with his blocks.
similar words:
definition 5: a mold on which a thing, esp. a hat, is shaped or displayed.
form, mold
similar words:
frame, shape
definition 6: a piece of wood, stone, or the like to be used for engraving.
definition 7: a solid piece of wood against which cutting or chopping is done.
similar words:
chopping block
definition 8: a group of people or things regarded as a single unit.
Members of the community tend to vote as a block.
similar words:
alliance, battery, bloc, faction, league
definition 9: (chiefly British) a large building divided into separate apartments, offices, or the like.
They're putting up a new office block on the corner.They're tearing down that old block of flats.
definition 10: a hindrance; obstruction.
The stalled car is a block to traffic.
blockage, hindrance, impediment, obstacle, obstruction
similar words:
bar, barrier, blockade, clog, hurdle, jam, rebuff, stop
definition 11: in sports, an act of physical obstruction of another player, esp. in football.
similar words:
interference, obstruction
definition 12: a state of being unable to perform a certain task.
He can't finish his novel because of his writer's block.
blockage, inhibition
similar words:
repression, suppression
definition 13: the casing in which a pulley is set.
similar words:
block and tackle
definition 14: (slang) one's head.
He threatened to knock my block off.
dome, head, noggin, pate
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: blocks, blocking, blocked
definition 1: to hinder or obstruct.
His lack of training blocks his chances for advancement.
hinder, impede, obstruct, stop
similar words:
arrest, bar, bottleneck, clog, dam, frustrate, jam, occlude, oppose, preclude, rebuff
definition 2: to impede or obstruct by placing something in the way or by being in the way.
He blocked the door with cardboard boxes.The basketball player blocked his opponent.The stalled truck blocked the road.
clog, jam, obstruct
similar words:
bottleneck, choke, close, clot, dam, foul, hinder, impede, interfere, occlude, stop, wall
definition 3: to put into a rough form; outline (usu. fol. by "out").
We blocked out the first act of the play.
draft, map, outline
similar words:
delineate, plan, sketch
definition 4: to shape into or with a block.
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: in certain sports, to hinder or obstruct the movements of an opposing player.
similar words:
hinder, interfere
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