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part of speech: adjective
pronunciation: uhn dr graUnd
definition 1: located, living, taking place, or operating beneath the earth's surface.
The prisoners escaped through an underground tunnel.
definition 2: beyond public awareness; concealed; clandestine.
During the war, this building housed an underground printing press.The system by which some slaves escaped to freedom before the Civil War came to be known as the Underground Railroad.
definition 3: counter to the mainstream political or cultural ideas of a society, and so not visible through the established, conventional media.
She wrote articles for an underground newspaper in which she criticized the political regime.
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part of speech: adverb
pronunciation: uhn dr graUnd [or] uhn dr graUnd
definition 1: beneath the earth's surface.
Even children were sent to work underground in the mines in those days.
definition 2: in secret; clandestinely.
part of speech: noun
pronunciation: uhn dr graUnd
definition 1: a place or region beneath the earth's surface.
definition 2: a space or passage beneath the earth's surface, such as a crossing under a busy street.
definition 3: a secret political or paramilitary organization, such as a resistance movement.
definition 4: (chiefly British) an underground passenger train or rail system, usu. electric, operating in a large metropolitan area; subway.
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