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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an upright structure with a height much greater than its thickness, used for separation, protection, or enclosure.
similar words:
barrier, bulkhead, divider, enclosure, fence, partition
definition 2: the vertical element of a room or building.
similar words:
bulkhead, divider, partition
definition 3: (often pl.) a structure built for purposes of defense; rampart.
The invaders scaled the castle's walls.
barricade, bulwark, paling, parapet, rampart
similar words:
barrier, battlement, breastwork, embankment, enceinte, enclosure, fieldwork, fortification, palisade
definition 4: something that resembles or has a function similar to a wall in that it separates, encloses, or is impenetrable.
plant cells with thick wallsa wall of ignorance
similar words:
barrier, cover, covering, curtain, divider, fence, membrane, partition, screen, septum, sheet
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: walls, walling, walled
definition 1: to surround, divide, or separate with or as with a wall.
divide, separate, surround
similar words:
castle, enclose, fence, partition
definition 2: to protect or strengthen with or as with a wall.
similar words:
brace, buttress, protect, shore up, strengthen, support
definition 3: to seal or bury inside a wall.
similar words:
bury, cement, plaster, seal
definition 4: to close (a passage or opening) with a wall or similar structure.
block, close, stop
similar words:
cover, plug
derivation: wall-like (adj.)
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