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weIr [or] hweIr
parts of speech:
adverb, conjunction, pronoun, noun
Homophone Note
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: at, in, or to what location.
Where are you headed?
definition 2: in what position.
Where does the candidate stand on the issues?
definition 3: toward what end; in what way.
Where are your thoughts aimed?
definition 4: from what source, location, or origin.
Where did you get that crazy idea?
part of speech: conjunction
definition 1: at, in, or to what point or place.
Do you know where he went?
definition 2: in or at the point or place.
He sees the ball where it landed.
definition 3: to whatever place or situation; wherever.
She will follow where he leads.
definition 4: in the event.
Where you are not sure, it is better to say nothing.
definition 5: at which place.
She walked to the far corner, where she paused and waited.
part of speech: pronoun
definition: what source or place of origin.
Where does the new student come from?
part of speech: noun
definition: the place or situation in which something happens.
We know that this occurs, but we're not sure about the wheres and whens.
Homophone Note
The words where, ware, and wear sound alike but have different meanings.