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wIch [or] hwIch
parts of speech:
pronoun, adjective
Homophone Note
part of speech: pronoun
definition 1: what one or ones.
Which of these coats is yours?
definition 2: whichever.
Take which you want.
definition 3: used as a relative pronoun to introduce additional information about the antecedent.
The corner office, which is the president's, has a large number of windows.The pasta, which is new on the menu this year, is quite good.
definition 4: used as a relative pronoun to introduce information that defines the antecedent; that.
The keys which were left on the counter belonged to one of the customers.
definition 5: used after a preposition to represent the thing or things that it refers to.
The secretary wrote five letters, of which the first one was the longest.
definition 6: used as a relative pronoun to refer to the word that.
I gave her that which she demanded.
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: what certain one or ones of a group or selection mentioned or understood.
Which suit do you like?
definition 2: whichever.
He will walk which path he chooses.
definition 3: being previously designated or discussed.
He lectured for an hour, during which time many students slept.
Homophone Note
The words which and witch (a magical woman) sound alike but have different meanings.