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wIt nihs
parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
grammatical pattern:
verb + smby + pres part., verb + smby + bare inf.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: witnesses, witnessing, witnessed
definition 1: to see or personally experience.
She witnessed the crime.The soldiers have witnessed the horrors of war.He witnessed the woman entering the building around eight o'clock.[verb + smby + pres part. ] She witnessed the boy grab the man's wallet.[verb + smby + bare inf. ]
eyewitness, know, see
similar words:
behold, experience, observe, perceive
definition 2: to give or serve as evidence of; testify to.
This vicious act witnesses her intense hatred for him.
attest, testify
similar words:
confirm, corroborate, demonstrate, depose, establish, evidence, evince, express, reveal, show, substantiate, swear, verify, vouch
definition 3: to watch or be present at.
Hundreds of people witnessed the hanging.
attend, see, watch
similar words:
behold, observe, view
definition 4: to attest to the legality of by signing one's name.
The notary witnessed their signatures.
attest, notarize, sign
similar words:
certify, endorse, initial, testify, undersign, validate
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to supply or act as evidence; testify.
The doctor who did the examination will witness today in court.
similar words:
attest, certify, depose, swear, vouch
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a person who sees or experiences an occurrence.
I was a witness to the fight.
eyewitness, spectator
similar words:
beholder, bystander, looker-on, observer, onlooker, viewer, watcher
definition 2: a person who supplies evidence, esp. in a court of law.
The prosecutor called her next witness.
similar words:
deponent, informant, informer
definition 3: a person who formally attests to a document by signing it.
He acted as a witness to the will.
similar words:
notary public, signer
definition 4: something that acts as evidence.
The book's worldwide popularity is a witness to its universality.
evidence, testimony
similar words:
affidavit, confirmation, declaration, deposition, profession, proof, statement, testimonial, verification
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derivations: witnessable (adj.), witnesser (n.)
Word History
The word witness comes from wit, which in Old English means "knowledge."
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