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come out

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to be revealed or made known.
The whole story came out after she confessed to the police.If the secret ever comes out, I'll be in big trouble.
circulate, leak out, spread
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definition 2: to be published or brought out, as a book.
His second novel is supposed to come out next month.
appear, issue
definition 3: of a stain, to disappear; be eliminated.
I did everything I could, but the stain will not come out.
definition 4: to become dislodged; to move from an inserted position.
This is easy to fix. It's just that two little screws came out.
definition 5: to make a formal debut.
There was great excitement when the movie came out.The earl's daughter came out in 1912 and was married the next year.
definition 6: to proceed to the end in a certain (specified) way.
There was trouble at first, but everything came out fine.Their team came out badly in their first match.
definition 7: to reveal one's sexual orientation or gender identity.
He came out while he was in college.She came out to her friends long before she came out to her family.
definition 8: to declare one's stance.
Surprisingly, the senator came out in favor of the proposal.