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come up

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to begin to be visible in the sky.
The sun comes up at 6:05 tomorrow.The moon will come up just over that hill.
definition 2: to arise, occur, or appear.
The subject of politics always comes up when my brother visits.I do the same thing every time that situation comes up.The word "grift" came up four times in the article, and I had to look it up.
arise, crop up
similar words:
appear, emerge, occur, offer, rise, surface
definition 3: to happen unexpectedly.
Sorry I'm late! Something came up.Don't worry. If something comes up, we can cancel the reservation.
definition 4: to become available, as a job or opportunity.
If a job comes up in that department, I'm going to apply for it.
definition 5: approach; draw near.
I was standing by the fountain when a tourist came up and asked for directions.
definition 6: in law, to become ready to be heard in court.
His case is coming up next month.