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put on

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part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to put (clothes or accessories) on one's body.
He put on his suit and tie and went to work.Put these shoes on and see if they fit.She was having trouble with her necklace, so he helped her put it on.
don, slip on
similar words:
dress, wear
definition 2: to add (weight) to one's body.
I've put on five pounds over the last few months.Yes, I've gained weight; I put it on over the holidays.
definition 3: to cause (something mechanical) to operate.
I overslept because I forgot to put on my alarm.She put on the kettle for tea.
definition 4: to give a telephone over to (another person) so that that person may speak with the person on the other end of the line.
Did you want to talk to your grandmother? I'll put her on now.
definition 5: to start the playing of (something recorded, such as music or video).
The deejay put on some upbeat music.This CD is really good; why don't you put this on?She put on her exercise video and worked out for half an hour.
definition 6: to start the cooking of (something).
I forgot to put on the potatoes, so we'll just have to start without them.
definition 7: to perform (a show).
The children at the school put on a play for their parents.
perform, stage
similar words:
mount, produce, represent
definition 8: to temporarily adopt (a certain facial expression, manner, or accent in one's speech).
He's very funny when he tries to put on a Scottish accent.The child really wasn't hurt, but she put on a tearful expression.I wasn't happy about their decision, but I tried to put on a smile for them.
definition 9: to engage in (behavior that is deceptive or purely pretense).
He's not really upset; he's just putting on an act.We never normally eat like this; my parents are just putting on a show for the guests.
definition 10: (informal) to deceive or mislead (someone), esp. as part of a joke.
He's not really going to snitch on you to your parents; he's just putting you on.
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