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set up

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to make (something) ready for use or operation by assembling or arranging the parts.
She set up the game board for chess, but her friend didn't feel like playing.I watched them set up a new display in the store window.He set up an art studio in his garage.
similar words:
arrange, array, assemble, construct, erect, raise
definition 2: to establish; to do what needs to be done in order to begin (something).
It took some months to set up the business, but she's finally making some money now.I'll call everyone and set up a meeting for Friday.
definition 3: to put (someone) in a position to receive blame.
He was not responsible for the crime; his so-called friends had set him up.
definition 4: to provide the money for (someone) to enter into business or into a business venture.
His wealthy father set him up in a business of his own.He was lucky to be set up in business; we had to struggle very hard to raise money to get started.
definition 5: to place (someone) in power.
The former premier set up his brother as the new head of government after he himself was forced to resign.
definition 6: to arrange for (two people) to meet so that they might become romantically involved, or to arrange for (one person) to meet another for the same purpose.
She thought her roommate would like her brother, so she set them up.My mother is always trying to set me up with the sons of her friends.