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take off

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to remove from the body or from a surface.
He took off his suit and put on a T-shirt and jeans.If you're hot with that sweater on, why don't you take it off?She took off all her nail polish.This liquid will take off the old paint easily.
definition 2: of an aircraft, to go up into the air.
The airplane took off from New York around seven in the morning.
definition 3: to have great success, esp. rapid success.
When she was chosen to play the leading role in the movie, her career really took off.It was a great invention, but somehow it never took off with the public.
definition 4: to start on one's way; get going.
I'd better take off now or I'll miss the train.We're going to take off first thing in the morning.They took off on the first leg of their trip yesterday.
definition 5: to begin a leap or jump, esp. in a sport.
You're going to take off on your left leg for this jump and land on your right.
definition 6: to allow oneself to spend (an amount of time) away from work or one's usual activities.
You look tired. You should take some time off.I took off all last week so I could paint the living room and the kitchen.I asked my boss if I could take Friday off, but he said no.