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turn over

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to move so that the part that previously faced down is now facing up.
The car went off the road, hit something, and turned over.The poor turtle had turned over, so I put it back onto its feet.
definition 2: to move (something) so that the part that was previously facing down is now facing up.
You should turn over the burgers now.I noticed that the cushion had a stain, so I turned it over to hide it.
definition 3: to move (oneself) so that the side that was touching or close to the surface is now facing upwards and away from the surface.
She turned herself over so that she could get tan on her other side.
definition 4: to transfer (someone or something) to another person or organization.
The officer who captured the suspect turned him over to the other officers.The local police turned over the case to the county sheriff's office.
definition 5: (informal) to rob (a place).
The gang intended to turn over the cocktail lounge that night.